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Twin Lakes Seafood Restaurant, a coastal Carolina tradition since 1970, is now  enjoying  our  46th season!

“When we opened Twin Lakes in 1970, Clarice and I were newlyweds with big aspirations,” said Ronnie Holden. “Over the years our restaurant and menu have expanded quite a bit, but our commitment to providing the freshest seafood and customer service hasn’t changed.”

We’ve come a long way in the past 45 years.

"During our first year, we were open for a period of three days without a single customer," said Clarice Holden,"I called my dad in tears."  Luckily for Clarice, her dad had just the remedy for her dilemma. He and his wife opened Coleman's Original Calabash Seafood Restaurant in 1940. With a surplus of customers waiting to get in his establishment he offered them a quick solution. "I can still see my dad's car pulling into our parking lot with a parade of cars behind him," said Holden,"I've never been so excited to see my daddy!" And, the rest is history. From a restaurant that served 30 people a night in 1970, the expanded facility now serves over 500 customers a night in the height of the summer season.

The Holden's family tree has deep roots in the southern seafood industry. Clarice's family has been operating her family's Calabash restaurant for 75 years. And, Ronnie's brother still runs his family's seafood supply business at Shallotte Point. His father started Holden Seafood back in 1954. They often serve fresh seafood right from his family's shrimp boats at Twin Lakes.

"Our customers have come to expect the best seafood and we always deliver,” exclaimed Jonathan Yuricek, executive chef at Twin Lakes Seafood Restaurant, "We are excited about what we have planned for the upcoming season, we will have many of our customer favorites along with new additions to the menu!" Yuricek, who has been with restaurant for 15 years himself, says they will also be rewarding customers for their Twin Lakes nostalgia through specials and promotions throughout their anniversary year.

"We just want to celebrate our customers and community," said Yuricek,"It is a rarity for a restaurant to stay in business this long." And, Yuricek knows a little about the restaurant industry himself. At 16, he began his career in a New York deli. By 20, he had graduated from the Culinary Institute of America on the dean's list. His wife, Danette Yuricek, is a Brunswick county native and they were thrilled to come back to the Seafood Capital of the South!

Twin Lakes Seafood Restaurant is grateful to its loyal customers and looks forward to many more years of serving the freshest seafood in the coastal Caroinas.

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